PennLUG Meeting

The next PennLUG meeting is fast approaching on July 5th. Joshua Sanders is graciously hosting the meeting. Information was sent at the beginning of the week with details, and a ongoing discussion on parts draw on the forums. Please visit the forums for more information.

Happy Building James

Brickworld or bust

The PennLUG crew is getting the trailer ready and packing it with all the bricks it can hold for BrickWorld Chicago! I know Cale and group have some special things packed away that are sure to ‘wow’ you. Be sure to take plenty of photos!

BrickWorld June 14-15th 2014

PennLUG April Meeting

The PennLUG April Meeting will be hosted on the 3rd of April. Thank you to Nate R for hosting the April Meeting. Please see the forums for more detail and to request details. Details will be delivered via email shortly to members.

Don’t forget to get your MOC’s ready Philly Brickfest is coming FAST! I know we’re all excited!

PennLUG @ Greenberg Train Show, York PA

The PennLUG trailer is packed and everything is ready for set up tomorrow at the Greenberg train show in York, PA. It’s not the biggest display we’ll do this year but it’s one that means a lot to me. It’s my home town and many of my friends and family who don’t normally get to see our layouts come out. I also have a deep appreciation for the history of York and many of my LEGO models have some type of historical significance to the area. It’s great to display them in front of some one who may actually know what they are. I hope the some of my friends reading this can make it out this weekend. See you there.

Jan 11th and 12th.
For Details Please Visit the link below!

Site Update maybe offline and or changing formats over the weekend of 11/29 to 12/2. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Work in progress

I want to apologize for the lack of posts. Life is busy most viewers may or may not know I have a one year old son and a daughter on the way in January so planning for that has taken over a lot of my time.


However; PennLUG has many things in store for the general public. Firstly our annual America on Wheel’s planning is underway and this year’s layout should be amazing! If you missed it last year absolutely come out this year. -


Also coming next year is Philly Brickfest and rest assured we’ve got some BIG plans for that as it’s in our backyard and we’re super excited. Make sure you get your tickets! -


September 7th Meeting

The upcoming meeting on September 7th has been mailed to those on the forums. If you need information or directions post on either the forums or facebook page/group. We look forward to seeing everyone! Also participate in the build challenge – “For a challenge, I was thinking something with some form of movement.  It does not have to be motorized, it does not even have to be Technic.  Can you make something that when you push, pull, turn, etc. it makes something else happen?  Use your imagination; I know there is no shortage in this group. “

BrickFair VA

PennLUG has made it’s annual trip to BrickFair, VA (

Public display will be August 3rd and 4th. So if your in the Chantilly, VA metro area come and check us out.

Things are starting to come together today with some setup today it his should be an amazing BrickFair event as usual. We look forward to seeing you.

If your not lucky enough to see us in person keep an eye on the photos page/PennLUG Flickr account.