[News] LUGs can purchase LEGO bricks in bulk through the LUGBULK program

Dear LUG Members,

The LEGO LUGBULK Program was a big success last year so we have decided to continue the program – still as a pilot which can be terminated anytime – in 2010 but with some adjustments and even more defined rules based on our experience from last year.

We are happy to announce, that we in 2010 can offer the LEGO LUGBULK Program also in the USA.

Jan Beyer

Some good news for LUGs this year with the extension of the LUGBULK program and its expansion into the USA. LUGs must meet these criteria (zipped .doc) which can be summarised as follows: 10 members, 2 public shows a year, official website, at least 1 year old. If you believe your LUG may be applicable read the instructions (zipped .doc) and send the important info to Jan by the 31st of Jan or 16th of May.