May the 4th Be with you!

LEGO is having it’s annual Star Wars promotion! Buy any LEGO Set and receive a free an Exclusive R2-D2 Poster. Spend $75 dollars and get FREE Shipping.

Best yet at the $75 mark you also qualify for a free TC-14 Droid figure. While the website does state “With LEGO Star Wars Orders of $75 or more!” This offer is valid on ANY purchase of LEGO equaling $75 or more!

I can vouch for this as I ordered $75 worth of non-Star Wars LEGO and the figure was included.

LEGO’s website as of posting this was getting high volume of traffic and not responding well. I called my order in via the 800# and Maureen confirmed all the freebies! So this has been confirmed! Time to go Shopping and May the 4th be with you!