October PennLUG Meeting

The next PennLUG meeting is October 8th. Hosted by Sam & Vicki.

For the October meeting there will be two, count em two build challenges. The first is to build a Halloween/Horror themed duck or diorama containing a duck. The second is for the best set of Thunder Road cars, one buggy, one car, one large vehicle & a gyrocopter or flying vehicle. All must be no larger than 8 studs wide by 16 studs long. We will play Thunder Road after business if anyone is interested. We are making hamburger barbecue, but please feel free to bring anything you like as always. We do have a cat for those with allergies, for those who have already met Clyde we will keep him in a room by himself.
Start time as always is between 10:30 & 11:00 to when ever . As always bring your MOCs.