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November PennLUG Meeting

Hello All

Our November 4th meeting is approaching. Chris Byrne will be hosting at his new star, the Warminster Brick Shop. Our usual meeting start time is 11am, but the store will be open at 10am so feel free to come a little early and check it out.

The address is

1099 Mearns Road

Warminster PA 18974.

The hours are 10am until 7pm, same as the hours of operation for Saturdays. There is plenty of partking in front, on the side of, and behind the building. We have a small refrigerator and microwave so if you are brining anything that needs to be refrigerated, please let Chris Byrne know. As we are a retail store which will be open to the public, we would like to keep the 3rd party selling to a minimum.

Build Challenge

If you would like to build a Warminster Brick Shop vignette, there will be a prize for the winner. We also have Warminster Brick Shop logo stickers that are available for free to PennLUG members. They fit nicely on a 1x4x6 door.

See you all there.

Cale Leiphart


October Meeting

This is a really late post. However the October meeting is on the 7th the date of the post and started at the usual time.

Build Challenge: SNAILOWEEN, the holiday where snails dress up and go house to house getting yummy treats like fruits and veggies.

September 3rd Meeting

The September meeting is scheduled for the 3rd. Which is both a meeting and a party. Information was sent via forum mail on 8/31 for details and to RSVP.

If you did not get it and need information please reach out to us via our forum or Facebook.

August 12th meeting

Our August meeting is being hosted by Sam and Vicki Tauser this Saturday, the 12th. The address has been sent out in the meeting email. If anyone has not received it, please let me know and I'll get it to you. Here is a few meeting notes from Sam and Vicki.

For the 8/12 meeting at our house Sam and I will have lunch meats, chesse and rolls along with a salad for lunch/dinner. I will be making desert. If the weather permits, we'll have the meeting outside on the deck. We have a canopy and may need another one. I'll have small tables and chairs. After the meeting we will also be playing some kind of Nerf games. If they club members have any Nerf toys, have them bring them. Unfortunately, we didn't plan for a build challenge. Sorry. But if anyone one wants to build something to celebrate summer or summer games they can. We'll admire them by ooohing and awwing.

See you next Saturday.

Sam & Vicki Tauser

July 1st Meeting

The July meeting in Warminster Pa at the Learning with Bricks warehouse. Details were sent a few weeks ago.


Build Challenge

It’s July, what better way to celebrate our independence than with “Fireworks!” So build something with a fireworks theme. There may even be a trophy.

June 10th Meeting

Our next PennLUG meeting is scheduled for June 10th. The location had to be changed to Quakertown, PA. 

Build challenge and other details were sent via forum mail to all forum members. Please RSVP if possible via the forums. 


May 13th Meeting

Hello PennLUG Members
Our May 13th meeting is approaching. Joel McConelle will be hosting in Allentown PA. Standard meeting time. 11am-5pm. Your welcome to show up early, but no sooner then 10am and Joel would like a heads up if they come early. Meeting over at 5pm but you are welcome to stay and hang out for a while, but must be gone by 7pm at the latest. Joel does have a dog.

The address has been sent out with the meeting email. If you have not received it, please let me know via Facebook Group or Forums. Thanks!

PennLUG Meeting April 1st

The next PennLUG meeting will be held in York, PA on April 1st. Details were sent via email on March 20th. (I know I’m behind on the site life duties). 

Build Challenge – Farm MOC 

Parts Swap is also available details are on the forums. 

January PennLUG Meeting

The January 2017 meeting will be held on the 14th (Saturday) Information was sent out via Forum email. If you want to attend the meeting hosted by Cale, please visit our forums or ping us on our Facebook page/group for the location details. 

We have a lot of club business to discuss in the new year! It is looking busy and hopefully fulfilling for all!