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October PennLUG Meeting

The next PennLUG meeting is October 8th. Hosted by Sam & Vicki.

For the October meeting there will be two, count em two build challenges. The first is to build a Halloween/Horror themed duck or diorama containing a duck. The second is for the best set of Thunder Road cars, one buggy, one car, one large vehicle & a gyrocopter or flying vehicle. All must be no larger than 8 studs wide by 16 studs long. We will play Thunder Road after business if anyone is interested. We are making hamburger barbecue, but please feel free to bring anything you like as always. We do have a cat for those with allergies, for those who have already met Clyde we will keep him in a room by himself.
Start time as always is between 10:30 & 11:00 to when ever . As always bring your MOCs.

September PennLUG Meeting

Our September meeting will be held on Sunday the 4th in conjunction with our annual Labor Day party. Many of you have attended in the past but for those who haven’t we will have plenty of food to eat, burgers, hot dogs, and all the other usual summer cookout fair. We’ll have canopies set up for shade and a few trees to sit under as well.  Bring a chair along. Bring the whole family along, kids and spouses are welcome. So come out and enjoy some good food and some fun times. Meeting starts at 11am but you’re welcome to show up earlier or later. We have no schedule or obligations, the day is just for fun. Food is usually ready around 12:30/1pm.

Please RSVP in the forums. 

August PennLUG Meeting

The August PennLUG meeting will be held on 8/13 in Lancaster PA. The specific details were emailed to forum members. If you need the address ensure you are a member of our forums (It’s FREE!) 

Show and Tell: Please bring any projects (finished or in progress) you wish to display. MOCs (and trophies) from BrickFair would also be welcome so that those who could not attend may see them.

PennLUG club meeting July 9th

Our annual July meeting with cook out thanks to Learning with Bricks at the Warminster HQ on July 9th from 11 am till 11 pm. 

Fun, games, and club business are to be had. If you have something you want to show off please bring it. 

Bricks on the Dollar will be selling bulk used LEGO by the pound and will have more available than ever.

The build challenge will be to build something that transforms. It doesn’t have to be a Transformer in the classic sense, but it should convert from one object into another object.

If you need the address please post to the forums from which the newsletter is generated or Facebook. 

See you soon!

PennLUG club meeting June 11

Hello all.
Our June meeting will be held on the 11th and hosted by Chris Edwards. As usual our meeting start time is 11am. The address has been sent out in the meeting email, if you have not received it let me know. Here is more info from Chris.
But first, Heroica!
If anyone is feeling heroic, I would like to run a game of my own special Advanced Heroica after (most of) the meeting is done. Probably starting in late afternoon sometime, and you can expect the game to take at least four hours.

Please RSVP to let me know if you’re interested in playing. There will be room for 4 or 5 heroes. Others are welcome to watch, but beware of spoilers if you do! Depending on interest level, I may need to use a lottery system to pick players.

For anyone who isn’t familiar, I made my own Advanced rules for the LEGO board game Heroica, complete with custom cards and all-new scenarios. It’s a cooperative dungeon-crawl board game. No prior knowledge of Heroica is required.
Please RSVP about the meeting in general, also. E-mail, Facebook, PennLUG forums, Flickr are all fine ways to RSVP.
The build challenge for this month:

Gardens or Space Gardens

Build a garden scene, realistic or fantastical. Yes, there can be snails in the garden. Or tractors. Don’t just slap a bunch of flowers on a baseplate, though–that’s too boring!
And as always, come out, relax, talk about LEGO and other random things, bring any models you want to show off, and have a good time.
Cale Leiphart

April Club Meeting

PennLUG April 2nd 2016 Meeting will be hosted in
York, PA. The meeting starts at our standard time of 11am but anyone is
welcome to come early and hang out. Please RSVP if you are coming. The address and meeting details have been sent out with the meeting email. If you have not received it let us know by posting on forum or emailing. 

Build a Caboose. 
Those who know me know I love trains and am a big fan of the Caboose. I have built many. Know it’s your turn. Any scale, interpret the subject however you wish. There will be a group vote on the best model. 

And as always bring any MOCs you want to show off and come have some fun. 

March Club Meeting

Our March meeting will be March 5th in  Mechanicsburg PA. The details have been sent out via Forum mail. If you did not get the specifics please email or post on the forums and we’ll get you over the details.

Several events are on the horizon including our very local Philly Brick Fest in April. Lots to discuss.

February PennLUG Meeting

Our next meeting will be February 6th. Matt Hocker arranged a meeting with an event tied together. Please RSVP via the forums so we can get an idea on head count as well as any MOC(s) you might bring.

Setup 8 AM – Meeting Time 10 AM – 4 PM & display tear down.

Richland Library Meeting-Bricks for Books

Monthly Build Challenge: This month’s build challenge is to build something from your favorite literary work, be it a book, short story, poem, etc. How you choose to interpret the source material is entirely up to you. There will be a custom trophy for the winner, so have fun with it!