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PennLUG Meeting

The next PennLUG meeting is fast approaching on July 5th. Joshua Sanders is graciously hosting the meeting. Information was sent at the beginning of the week with details, and a ongoing discussion on parts draw on the forums. Please visit the forums for more information.

Happy Building James

PennLUG April Meeting

The PennLUG April Meeting will be hosted on the 3rd of April. Thank you to Nate R for hosting the April Meeting. Please see the forums for more detail and to request details. Details will be delivered via email shortly to members.

Don’t forget to get your MOC’s ready Philly Brickfest is coming FAST! I know we’re all excited!

September 7th Meeting

The upcoming meeting on September 7th has been mailed to those on the forums. If you need information or directions post on either the forums or facebook page/group. We look forward to seeing everyone! Also participate in the build challenge – “For a challenge, I was thinking something with some form of movement.  It does not have to be motorized, it does not even have to be Technic.  Can you make something that when you push, pull, turn, etc. it makes something else happen?  Use your imagination; I know there is no shortage in this group. “

PennLUG – June 1st Meeting

The June 1st Meeting information was sent out earlier this week and is posted within the forums. We have a few agenda items to discuss and should be a good meeting. Don’t forget the build challenge! See you soon.

PennLUG Meeting May 4th

Wow what a busy month. So much going on. I know the posts don’t reflect it… The next PennLUG meeting is May 4th at Joel’s house. Cale flashed out the info via Forum email yesterday.


If you did not get the email please posts on the forum.

PennLUG Meeting April 6th

The details on the next PennLUG meeting were mailed out to members of the Forum yesterday. The meeting date is April 6th Saturday as usual the meeting is from 11 AM to whenever. Sam T will be hosting. For more details please visit the forum and make a post if your interesting in going, but don’t have the details.


PennLUG Meeting March 2nd

Greenberg Train and Toy Show was a smashing success. The great unveiling of our working Turntable was great! We have more in store for 2013, so Club members the next meeting will be March 2nd at Mike T’s house. We have some wonderful stuff to discuss. Emails were sent out earlier, if you didn’t get one please visit the forum and let us know.

We look forward to seeing everyone. Build On!