PennLUG – PennLUG Train Layout Road and Track Standards

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As some of you are aware I have been working on a set of road and track standards for future train layouts. The intension is to bring a greater level of realism and detail to our layouts and create a layout where all the elements are tied together in one fantastic scene. The first steps toward this goal and how it could all work can be found here.


My main goals for this include.

1. A System that can be Easily Built and is Versatile- Modularity is the key here
2. Track Ballast and Ties- I’m a train guy and this one is a must for me
3. More Detailed Streets- Road plates a nice but lack versatility
4. A Trolley System- I’m also a trolley fan so this is one I’v been looking forward to including in our layouts
5. Easy Integration with Existing Structures- Buildings built at baseplate level can easily be integrated with brick spacers.


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